Dienstag, 26. April 2016

How to Start the Day right

i personally always have been a morning person. i normally wake up around 7 am without an alarm and i love getting everything done in the morning, from work outs to uni work. my brain just works best in the early hours and i since i'm basically bouncing off the walls by 7 am, i always get my work out in super early. as my boyfriend leaves for work very early too, i kinda enjoy the quite hours in the apartment, when its just me and the cat. so today i thought it would be a nice idea to share my tips to start the day right, so basically my morning routine which i love so much.

1. take it slow
even though i wake up very early i hate rushing somewhere which is probably why i wake up very early. i just like enjoying my breakfast and my morning tea. maybe with a youtube video to watch and a cat to cuddle. breakfast is very important to me and i like to take my time to eat it. since i am a beauty addict i like to do my make up and not rush through it and i feel way more put together and ready when i have more than 5 minutes to leave the house.

2. skin care
it took me a while to build up my own skin care routine and it just makes me feel way more put together in the morning and my skin benefits from it too. at the moment i love using the kiehls daily reviving concentrate. it smells super fresh and makes my skin look much more radiant and in order to make my eyes look more awake i love the benefit it's potents eye cream.

3. plan the day/journal
when i have a very busy day and i have to get many things done i love making lists and write down what exactly is one the agenda. especially if i have appointments and it helps so much and ticking things off a to do list feels so rewarding. i also love to journal in the morning. as i'm still a massive fan of the q&a a day diary, its always something i fill in in the morning.

4. try to make the best of it
sometimes i wake up in the morning and the day just doesn't sit right and sometimes its hard for me to move on as normal. i just always have to remind myself to make the day count and be grateful and it can really change a day round.

let me know if you have any tips to make my mornings even better and if theres something that you need to do in the mornings in order to make your day start the right way.




  1. I love waking up early and having some me time too. x


  2. Lovely tips! I like to keep cold water by my bed so I can drink it and feel refreshed when I wake up :-) Good morning skin care is also a definite must!

  3. I'm the same exact way! I hate the feeling of rushing through the day and having to immediately get to class. I like to get up early so I can enjoy my breakfast and coffee while watching Netflix or reading a book. Something I also like to do in the mornings is straighten up the house a little bit so I feel more organized. I'm definitely my most productive from 5:30-1PM.


  4. Really lovely post, I really wish I was a morning person! I have the odd day with a really productive morning and it always feels so good!


  5. I've only recently become a morning person and I'm actually LOVING the extra productivity :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  6. love the post, thanks for sharing your tips xoxo


  7. Such a cute post! Really wish that I was a morning person, but that seems like it's never going to happen since I love to sleep way too much!


  8. I love planning my days out as well, except I usually do my lists the night before that way when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what I have to do and when :)


  9. Amazing photos. I thought I ordered the Q&A journal by what arrived was the one for couples. Did you know that one exists? Have you ever forgotten what you ordered before?

    xxoBeka - www.bekaellen.com

  10. I used to have that very journal but I was so bad at keeping up to date and remembering to do it!


  11. Amazing tips!! <3 Mornings are always a struggle but a few little things can make them something to look forward to!!

    Amelia | http://amelia-g.blogspot.com.au/


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