Dienstag, 15. März 2016

Tame & Frame

brows are still a thing right? for me, at least, they are. nicely done brows frame the face so nicely and can put the finishing touch on every look. i personally do my brows whenever i do my make up. due to the "brows on fleek" trend so many brands came up with so many new brow products so theres loads to test out. from powders to pencils to felt tips and i have tried many of them. pencils and a gel to set seemed to be the perfect solution for my brows. personally, i have quite dark brows and they would be very thick and unruly if i didn't do them on a regular. however, brow pomades like the one from anastasia beverly hills always seemed to interesting to me and i wanted to try one for ages. when i was browsing the nyx counter a while back i saw their tame & frame brow pomade and instantly wanted it for myself.

i went for the color brunette and it is quite a cool toned brown which is not too taupey. my brows are dark but not ashy so this color seemed perfect. to go with it i bought the zoeva 318 soft paint liner brush and its perfect as you need a brush to use it. the pomade itself is very soft but not runny at all and its easy to blend it and make sure that you have the right amount of product. i like to focus the pomade on the tail of my brow and blend it put in the front. i set it with a brow gel and i love it. its so easy and works perfectly. also, its very affordable, a winner in my books and i would highly recommend it.

have you tried any brow pomades and do you like them? what are your favorite brow products in general? please let me know.



  1. I need to try this, your brows look great here

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. I definitely need to start doing something with my brows - yours look incredible!


  3. Fab post lovely, I actually really want to try this and I love how this looks on you. Definitely sold me ;)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. Your eyebrows are so on point! I love them haha


  5. I really want to try this! Everything I've tried from NYX in the past has been amazing. I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade, I love it :)
    Brigitte x

    brigittehayley.com | youtube.com/brigittehayley

  6. Looks & sounds very similar to my ABH version, so I will keep it in mind for the future. You have perfect brows btw x

    Beauty with charm

  7. Oh, just discoverd your blog and I really love it :)
    Your frame job is gorgeous, you have really nice brows! I wish I would have them :)

    I just followed you and I would be so happy, if you like my blog too!
    xoxo, Colli

  8. I really like this product! The formula is essentially the same as ABH's for a fraction of the price! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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