Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Sunday Mood #9

hello from denmark. i'm currently sitting in a beautiful wooden beach house at the lovely western coast of denmark. the place where my family goes on holiday at least once a year ever since i was a kid and i'm beyond happy to be here. the beaches are lovely, white and never too busy, the sun has been shining and i've had way too much daim chocolate for a small girl like me but hey ho, its a holiday and i also brought my boyfriend who has been loving the long walks on the beach. the internet connection is not the best so i don't know how much i'm gonna blog. i scheduled some posts so there won't be a lack of content. i also have been trying to import a lush haul but i've had no luck. final cut pro won't let me. i hope i can figure that out in the next days. 

what i did:
organizing everything before taking a road trip up to the danish coast. i went to uni, packed the bags, cleaned the house and enjoyed some very sunny days in berlin. road tripping with my boyfriend is so much fun and we've had sun all day ever since we got to the beach house so everything has been good.

what i didn't do:
as much uni work as i was supposed to, my mind was just so foggy as i was in desperate need of a holiday.

what i ate:
pasta...i was on the go the whole week and whipping up a pasta dish is the easiest thing after a long day. not the best probably but what can you do?

what i want to do next week:
i want to enjoy my holiday to the fullest. i will be on the beach as much as i can and finally read a normal non uni book. can't wait.

one word to describe the past week:



  1. This sunglasses! I'm in love...

  2. Hope you are having an amazing time, I have always wanted to visit Denmark, so I am mega jealous right now

    Lauren x |

  3. loving the sunglasses :)


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