Sunday Mood #7

happy sunday everyone and happy mothers day to all my uk moms. in germany we celebrate later in the year but i’m obviously thankful to have my mom with me on a daily and i’m very happy that this week was blessed with many lovely moments with my family. i’m not helping my mom in her office every week so we get to spend more time together and which is also a great opportunity to see my grand parents for lunch. my boyfriend and i decided to spend the saturday in with a pamper session after having his parents over and it was all kinds of lovely. my two best friends are currently traveling in asia so they weren’t around for a girls night out but hey ho. they are currently exploring java which sounds amazing but lets get onto the questions for this week:

what i did:
work, work, work, work, work…who else is thinking of rihannas song right now?! uni is very busy at the moment but i’m getting everything done. i also helped my mom and went to the gym so very productive and i’m happy about that. i also got to have lunch with my friend alex which always ends up with spending money on make up and i love it.

what i ate:
this week i have been obsessed with a certain kind of whole grain bread that they do at my local supermarket and i love it. germans just do bread right and don’t try to argue with me on that.

what i didn’t do:
much blogging but i prepared many posts today so its all good.

what i want to do next week:
being as productive as i can and finally start vlogging…i’m just a bit nervous about that.

one word to describe the past week:
family time…i know two words but still.


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