Freitag, 11. März 2016

New Mac Lipsticks

so if you've seen my latest beauty haul you might have seen that i got some new mac lipstick and a new lipliner when i was out shopping with my friend alex and its only right to share them with you because lets face it, getting new mac make up is just a right old treat and with the endless colors in their lipstick range it can be quite hard to choose one so i love seeing them featured on blogs so i can make up my mind about what i want. the colors i went for a very me colors. they are slightly rose tones brown nudes which are my favorites and i know that i'm gonna be wearing them on a daily so here we go:

lipstick wise the first one i wanted when i saw it on display is pink plaid. its a matte finish and its a slightly more cool toned almost mauvey nude. i wanted a color like this for ages as i'm obsessed with everything mauve at the moment. personally i love matte lips and this lipstick is so creamy to put on and doesn't feel heavy on the lips. a huge plus in my books. the second lipstick i went for is please me. its more warm toned and pretty much your average browny, rosy nude. its beautiful and again, the matte formula feels incredibly soft in the lips. this is the perfect day to day color and great for the matte lips trend at the moment. as a lipliner to go with both i got edge to edge. its basically an in between shade. its a bit warmer than pink plaid and a little color than please me and it looks perfectly fine with both and i love it.

have you tried any of the products i picked up? let me know what you think and if you have any mac lipsticks that you feel i should try, please also let me know. i'm ready to expand my collection. 



  1. ''Please me'' looks so beautiful!

  2. The three of them are beautiful, I want them all!

  3. I have pink plaid and please me, I think please me may slightly be my favourite out of the two. I will have to try the lipliner out :)

    Lauren x |

  4. All the shades look amazing! I love edge to edge x

    Lina /

  5. Ooh these colours are gorgeous :)

    Need to pick up a new MAC lipstick soon!

  6. Fab post lovely, such great picks! :) Pink Plaid looks so stunning and definitely one to add to my wishlist :) I managed to get Please Me in the Xmas collection and its such a stunning shade and Edge to Edge is a favourite liner of mine :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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