Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Sunday Mood #6

here we are again. a very late sunday mood post today. i've been out all day for a very spontaneous but successful shooting with my friend india and i can't wait to do a whole outfit post anytime soon. this week went by so quickly and i haven't posted as much as i wanted too. i've been so caught up with uni work and got so much done and that is amazing. also, i had a bit of a bloggers block so if theres anything you want to see, let me know! on friday i spent my last day at my first grown up job at a lawyers office and it was quite a sad moment. i loved this job so much but now its my turn to become a lawyer myself but now lets start with the actual summary:

what i did:
lots and lots and lots of uni work. i spent most my day at library surrounded by books but i managed to get my work out in and filmed a morning routine video which is already up on my channel too and its safe to say that i'm very proud with the way this week went.

what i ate:
currently i am obsessed with chocolate milk which is baaaaad but i can't help it. its just so good.

what i didn't do:
blog...and that makes me sad. i hope i can get myself together next week.

what i want to do next week:
blog, film, vlog and study. its gonna be busy.

one work to describe the past week:



  1. Chocolate milk is so yummy! It's a good treat haha. Congrats on everything you accomplish! I hope you have an amazing start of week :)

  2. I haven't had chocolate milk for years I must try it again - I hope studying is going okay!

    Lucy | Forever September


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