Sunday Mood #5

happy sunday my loves. another week is over and this one has been quite tough and weird. i won’t go into too much detail as i don’t want to highlight the bad things that sometimes happen in life but sometimes things get hard. i will be ending my job next week and due to the amount of uni work coming up in this year, my parents and i figured i’m not gonna be able to work more than once a week or not at all. obviously its quite hard to finance all of that and it was a lot of talking everything through. those things are quite hard for me and yeah. i was quite down all the time. also, this whole uni thing and becoming a lawyer is so real now and its quite scary but anyway, lets get onto this weeks questions:

what i did:
basically trying to figure out the upcoming year and a half and its scary to me. everything feels so unreal still but it is real. i also managed to film two videos, one of them is already up on my channel and i even vlogged. the vlog will be up today or tomorrow. i also *insert a drum roll right here* cleaned out my closet. yaaaaaaaay. if feels so good and i’m glad i’ve done it.

what i ate:
lots of pasta. its just the ultimate comfort food for me.

what i didn’t do:
go to the gym. i was still feeling the cold and i really wanted to feel 100% better. i will be going next week again so its all good.

what i want to do next week:
get my life together.

one word to describe the past week:


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