Three Skincare Favorites

i have to say, when i was younger i didn’t spend much time on my skin and never had a proper skincare routine and it took me years to finally get into it. i never thought a skincare routine was necessary but when i built up my regime i found my skin just looking so much better and i think when you wear a lot of make up you just have to make sure it all comes off at night time. my skin is quite dry and needs a lot of moisture in order to make it look alive and glowing. even though i’m still trying to find the perfect routine for me i have some beautiful products that i use daily and swear by. 

the first one is very well loved by many bloggers and its my perfect make up remover/cleansing oil and its the camomile cleansing oil by the body shop. nothing else breaks make up down in such a gentle way and gets rid off everything. because my skin is not only dry but quite sensitive i need a make up remover that is gentle and gets rid of all the make up i like to put on. i never tried a better make up remover and if you haven’t tried it you have to. 

to get rid of mascara and eyeliner thats still left on my eyes after using the oil i use the garnier micellair water. again, its very gentle and works like a dream. i can’t use a duo phases remover as they sting my eyes so bad. i also can’t imagine bioderma being better than the garnier one. its perfect and from the drugstore. 

to keep my under eye area hydrated theres only one eye cream that does the job for me and it is the kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado. its so creamy and moisturizing and perfect for my very sensitive eyes. i love putting it on in the evening before bed and it does an amazing job. what are your favorite skin care items? let me know.

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