Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Sunday Mood #1

i love sundays. for me they are by far the most relaxing day of the week. i mostly spend them in comfy clothes, make up free and on the sofa with an occasional walk and good food. because my love for a good relaxing sunday is very strong i decided to start a weekly series on my channel called 'sunday mood'. i will basically reflect on the past week in the categories: what i did, what i ate, what i didn't do, what i want to do next week and one word to describe the past week. hope you enjoy it.

what i did:
i've been to the gym three times which is amazing, did a lot of creative work for the blog. my favorite kind of work. i also hung out with my closest friends in a very relaxing way and i started to not use my phone right before i go to sleep. lets see how long i can keep that up.

what i ate:
lots of grapes. i'm obsessed with red grapes at the moment and also garlic and herb bread...oh my gooood. its my thing at the moment but i'm very happy with my eating habits.

what i didn't do:
study as much as i wanted to...

what i want to do next week:
i want to study more basically and i want to organize my closet, finally. i also have a school reunion coming up and it makes me feel both awkward and excited. so lets see how that goes.

one word to describe the past week:

how was your past week? i'd love to know everything. also, let me know what you plan do to do the next week. lets have a good catch up.


  1. What a lovely post! I'm also all about the grapes at the moment, can't get enough haha
    Carrie xx

    1. thank you so much. i have been following your blog and insta for ages and seeing you comment on my blog is so amazing. thank you ❥

  2. I'm obsessed with green grapes, I find the red ones skin bit too thick if that makes sense lol. Thank you for sharing this with us. Visit me whenever you can. Enjoy the rest of your day, Dominica S. x

  3. Nice post! Looks like you had an amazing Sunday!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Such a nice post :)


  5. Please tell me the secret for motivating yourself to go to the gym for 3 days in a week, I can't even motivate myself to leave the house some days! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  6. This is such a neat idea! Yeah, I definitely didn't study as much as I should have as well. Which is pretty bad, considering I only had two classes this week, because of snowy weather. I usually find myself procrastinating by reading other blogs or watching YouTube or something, haha.

  7. I love this kind of post and it sounds soo similar to mine! Hahah I get obsessed with certain foods and I eat it straight for a week and then don't touch it for a year XD Last week, I became obsessed with clemintines and ate 8 in them in one day (whoops), then started working out too! I only went once but am already SUPER sore... I hope I can keep up and be as motivated as you are soon! This week I need to study, take some pics for my blog and plan everything else for the week and weekend. I'm dying to get in the kitchen and bake something too :) Glad to hear that you're doing well! I hope school is going OK!


  8. Sunday is one of my favourite day, but I hate the fact that the next day I have to work so I try to relax as much as possible:) I didn't do a single exercise last week so congrats to you for going to gym 3 times :)

  9. Sundays are definitely my favourite day as well! :) Lovely post, I really need to have a week where I go to the gym 3 times! xx

  10. Oh gosh.. I sat all the week and I didn't go to my Portuguese class today to study my tomorrow exam. Did I study? Of course, not. These days I'm really obsessed with blog things. All I want is to sit at home and read blogs.
    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  11. Fab post lovely, I have to agree Sundays are great for relaxing. I always love to get blog photos done on a Sunday :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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