Essence Lash Princess Mascara

essence has been around in german drugstores for as long as i can remember but to be honest, i never was too interested in the brand as it always seemed quite tacky to me and the products i have tried never worked for me really. so i was quite surprised when essence make up popped up on quite a few blogs. especially their mascaras were very well loved by other bloggers so i decided to get my first essence products for years and well, i’m surprised. i got the lash princess mascara which retails for 3,25€ which is such a bargain for a mascara. the brush is curvy and has natural bristles. the packaging is okay, not my favorite but i think its quite cute. it also closes very tightly. a massive plus for me. now onto the effect. it is amazing. i feel like it grabs every single lash and adds the right amount of curve and volume to them. its also a very black mascara. my lashes look perfect after a few coats. long and voluminous. it also doesn’t smudge at all. not even on my bottom lashes which tends to be an issue for me. normally i end up looking like a panda at the end of the day but with this my lashes look great even after the longest day out. so all in all, i’m very impressed with it. one of the best drugstore mascaras i’ve tried in a while and such amazing value for money. so if you are on a budget, keep this mascara in mind. have you tried any essence products before? let me know what you think.

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