Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

Two Favorites

this year i really started loving favorites videos and posts. for some reason i find them so calming and yet so interesting and obviously quite enabling. i bought quite a few products in my collection because they have been featured in other peoples favorites videos and posts. for some reason i just haven't tried an awful lot of products during the month of october and the ones i really loved i have featured million times before so i figured there wasn't much sense to making a video because there were only two products that are new to my collection and which i really love but dedicating a blog post to them is the perfect way to share my love with you.
the first thing is something i'm probably so late on the band wagon with ist the original beauty blender sponge. i have used some knock off ones from the drugstore but never bit the bullet to go for the original one. i have to say i really liked the knock off ones but not enough to use them more than my expert face brush but ever since i got the original one i can't go back. its so good. my foundation looks so much more flawless and yet natural and i have to say the texture of the original beauty blender is just so much better. its softer and just so much more gentle and easy to use. i love it so much and would advice getting it if you like sponges to apply your make up.
as you probably know i really like the color mauve. i find it so perfect as it goes with everything. its neutral but yet very interesting and eye catching. when i went to the drugstore weeks back this sally hansen nail polish in mauve along caught my eyes instantly. its so beautiful and stays on for ages. the only down side is that it takes a bit longer to dry than my essie ones but the color is just insane.

what have your favorites been? please let me know, i'd love to try out some new products.



  1. lovely post, and my new favourites are lipsticks from Revolution makeup xoxo

  2. I love favorites posts too! I just jumped on the bandwagon and did my first November favorite list as well :) I love those sally hansen nail polishes! The brush is the perfect size and shape and they're super affordable. I haven't splurged on the original beauty blender yet, but I want to sometime soon. I usually just use my hands and fingers to blend my BB cream :P Hope you're having a good week!


  3. great post
    I love beauty blender too

  4. Lovely post - I use the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge but I've heard the Beauty Blender is amazing too!

    Lucy |

  5. that nail shade is so gorgeous!

    from helen at

  6. Where did you purchase the blender?! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  7. I love that nail polish shade!

    Charlotte //


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