Festive Jam Sandwich Cookies

first off all, i’m not a pro baker. i like it and i find it very relaxing and the result tends to be very yummy but i would never be able to come up with a recipe myself and i don’t consider it a hobby of mine either. however, when it comes up to christmas i find myself going a bit crazy in the kitchen. freshly baked christmas cookies are just the best and make me feel very cosy with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. there are a couple of recipes i do every year. one of them is a one my great grand ma used to do but this one i found in a baking magazine that came out around december in like 2009 or 2010 and i kept it ’til this day as the recipes in there are amazing and so easy to do. i haven’t done a proper baking blog post before so i’m quite excited to share this with you. so here we go, let bake some festive jam sandwich cookies:

you will need:
● 225 gr. of flour
● 75 gr. of icing sugar
● a pinch of salt
● one medium sized egg
● 125 gr. of butter
● strawberry jam of your choice. go for one without chunks in it
to make the dough just weigh out all the ingredients and mix them together. the butter doesn’t have to be soft so i would advice breaking it up into little chunks. after mixing it together knead it into an even dough. it find hand kneading works a lot better for cookie dough.

as soon as you have your dough ready, put it into foil and let it cool in the fridge for at least one hour. when the dough is cooled down, preheat the oven to 175 degrees celsius. now its time to cut the cookies. flour your work top and roll out the dough until its about 3 mm thick. obviously you don’t have to measure it at exactly 3mm but it should be quite thin. to cut the cookies i have some jam biscuit cutters. one side basically only cuts the round cookies and the other end also cuts a heart and a few other patterns in the middle. if you don’t have that you could easily use a glass to cut the round bottom bit of the cookie and get a tiny cutter for the middle. you obviously need as many top parts as bottom parts. lay out the cookies on a baking tray and bake them for about 8-10 minutes. they are quite light in color so don’t worry. make sure to lay out the cookies very flat as they stick together in a better way if they are completely flat.

when they are done, take them out of the oven and let them cool for a while. again, make sure they are flat. once they are cooled, which doesn’t take long, its time to fill them with jam. i love strawberry jam but if you prefer another one, you could obviously use a different kind. using one without chunks makes them stick together so much easier and i just don’t like chunks at all. so just take little spoon and put the jam on the bottom half and stick the top half on them. it will take a bit until they fully stick together. if you want to, you can add icing sugar on top at the end. now they are ready to enjoy.

so here we go. my first proper baking blog post. let me know what you think and if you make them yourself. tweet me a picture (@loovelle). love you.

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