Advent Calendar Goodies #3

merry, merry christmas to all of you. i can’t believe its boxing day now. the past week i have been so busy, doing last minute gift shopping, wrapping presents and off course spending christmas eve and christmas day with family and friends. since i have been sharing all my kiehls advent calendar goodies with you so far, i decided it would only be right to share the last ones with you as well. even though i might be a little late but better late than never. before we start out i have to point out that a day cream is missing. i have no idea where it went and it makes me really, really sad but hopefully i’ll find it one day. so lets beginn:
the first little tube i have to show you is the hydro-plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate. its a mouthful. its an anti aging product which is supposed to hydrate the skin very well and plump it up again. sounds very interesting and i’ll try it for sure. also, i got the patchouli and fresh rose softening body cleanser. its the same scent as the body spray i showed you in the last post and it smells heavenly. like freshly cut roses and i absolutely love rose scents. if you don’t like them this is probably not your cup of tea but i’m excited to try it. to match the amino acid conditioner i now have the amino acid shampoo with coconut oil. coconut oil is supposed to be amazing for dry hair and it smells just like coconuts. its also silicone and paraben free. to pamper my skin i got another mask which i already tried and i loved it. its the ultra facial overnight hydrating mask. first off all, i love the ultra facial line, i need hydrating skin care and i love any type of over night mask as i don’t have to remind myself to wash it off. its quite gel like and feels very lovely on the skin and after leaving it on over night, my skin looked amazing. plump and radiant. two products with quite similar packaging are the powerful-strength line reducing concentrate and the precision lifting and pore tightening concentrate. again, anti aging products but they do sound lovely and i really want to try them. now, i also got a full size product and its one of my favorites. its the ultimate strength hand salve. this hand cream is the best thing on the planet and if you have dry hands, you’ll need this in your life. its very thick and so super lovely. i leave it on over night and my hands love it. 

once again, i hope you had a beautiful holiday season with good food, lots of giggles around your loved ones. i hope you were spoilt rotten and got to chill out and have chocolates in comfy clothes. i love you and once again, merry christmas.

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