Advent Calendar Goodies #1

december is already going by to quickly for my liking but the first week of december being over means its time to show you the goodies i found in my kiehls advent calendar. i think they are very similar to the ones last year which doesn’t bother me as i love all kiehls products i tried so far and i love testing new skin care every now and then. the first product i got are two minis of the midnight recovery concentrate. its literally the best kiehls product ever. i don’t really exactly know what it does, bad blogger, but i makes my skin look and feel so much more alive and lovely. i also got quite a few sample sizes of the ultra facial line. my favorites are the cleanser and the moisturizer. the cleanser is just so nice and actually makes me skin feel super clean without striping it and it doesn’t feel tight at all. also, the moisturizer is amazing too. very hydrating but lightweight. the toner is alright but not my favorite. let me know if you tried it and what you think. one product i actually haven’t tried before is the creme de corps body moisturizer. i heard great things about it but never tried it myself so i’ll report back. the last thing i got is one of my favorites and its the creamy eye treatment which is hands down my favorite eye cream ever. its so moisturizing and lovely and the sample size is huge and lasts forever. 

all in all i’m so happy with all the products i can try out and i’m so looking forward to open all the other doors. do you have a beauty advent calendar? let me know which. also, if you want to see what i get up to this december you can check out my vlogmas videos over on my youtube. love you.

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