2015 Roundup

time is flying. how can 2015 almost be over? i feel like it has been a week since my birthday in april and now its the end of december and i’m sitting here still in my christmassy pants trying to write a summary about the past year. all i can say for sure it flew by and it was a good one.i honestly have no idea where to begin but it makes sense to start in the beginning of the year. i was working a ton, just started my new job in retail and was basically working every day besides getting uni work done. blogging and youtubing was something i wished i had time for and still managed to upload every now and then. because i needed a break and also really, really wanted to go to london and treat me for all the shifts i did, me and my friend anna decided to book a trip to london and it was magical. lots of shopping, lots of fun and even more love for the city. sometimes i just wish i could pack my bags and move to the uk.

my boyfriend still lived with his parents at that point and he kindly offered to take care of the apartment while i was gone which was no big deal as he spent most of his time off at my place and when i got back, he stayed and we agreed to share the place and redecorate it. we bought a new couch, he built a bed for us and since then we proudly invite friends and family to our place. not mine, ours. also youtube was going better than i’ve ever expected at this point and shortly after i turned 21 in april i hit 1000 subscribers. more than i ever, ever expected and i’m more than grateful. 1000 is such a big thing for me. thank you so much.

my parents planned a family holiday to england and i was beyond excited to go but at this point i basically had no time for anything because of my job. all i was doing was leaving for work, getting home and straight to bed so i could be up in time for the next day. uni was left behind, blogging and youtubing too and when it all got too much, i decided to quit. to look out for something that would fit my lifestyle more and that would give me the chance to enjoy my first holiday in over a year and it felt so good. spending to weeks in the beauty of the english countryside, cities and coasts was exactly what i needed. once again, its a place i truly love and feel good at. i would seriously pack my bags and move there if i had the chance. it turned out that quitting my job was the best thing to do. i fell back in love with blogging and i don’t want to stop, i found a job at a lawyers office which is perfect for a law student. you guys seemed to enjoy all of my posts and it makes me soooo, soooo happy. thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

now the year came to an end and i have to say everything worked out just great. i love this blog, i really want to do more youtube videos and really make the most out of both. i love my current job, uni is working out perfectly at the moment and i can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for me. thank you so much for your love, support and kind words. this community is my source of happiness and inspiration on a daily. lets begin 2016 and make the most of it.


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