Beauty Blender

first off all, thank you so much for your lovely support and kind words. i was so nervous when i decided to publish the blog post but you were so encouraging, so thanks a lot, a lot. now onto today post. i went to the drugstore today to get some mouthwash, exiting time, and i was very excited when i spotted this little sponge in the shelves. i always wanted to try the original beauty blender but never did as i can’t pick it up in stores where i live but now it seems to be available in my local drugstore and i’m beyond excited. it might seem expensive as it retails for 19,95€ but it seems to be a holy grail product to a lot of people and even though i tried a knock off one, so many of you said that the original simply is the better one and worth the price. so here we go, i have it and i’m excited to use it in the morning. it already feel a lot better, very light but dense and squishy at the same time. do you own the beauty blender? please let me know what you think and how you do it. i’d love to know.

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