Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

TK Maxx Finds | #Blogtober

going to tk maxx on a busy saturday probably wasn't one of my best ideas but as i had some errands to run i decided to pop into the new store they recently opened in my close by mall. it was a total mess in there but since i'm not really into the clothes there i went straight to the home section as i was wanted to get a new room diffuser for my bath room and as i was looking through all of them i found this neom one. its their real luxury reed diffuser in lavender, jasmine and brazilian rosewood. neom is a brand i wanted totry for ages but their products are not exactly the cheapest so i was so excited to see that this little beauty was only 24€ and it smells heavenly. fresh but also quite floraly and i can't wait to have this scent all over my bathroom. i also went a bit crazy in their stationary section. they had a ton of notebooks, planners and quite little bits and bobs. i am weirdly picky when it comes to planners and i don't really like many. but this gold polka dot theme just grabbed me. i love gold polka dots on black, as you can probably tell by my blog layout. the planner has the perfect size and has such a perfect layout. it feels so soft but yet sturdy. for my daily notes such as ideas for future videos and posts and just random thoughts i got this purple one with such a nice quote printed on it which i find very inspirational. i also got a weekly organizer which i also wanted to get for ages. its beyond beautiful and the design just does it to me. it also comes with a bunch of sticky notes and i use a hell lot of them. have you found any gems at tk maxx recently and have you tried any neom products before? please let me know.



  1. You're very lucky ! I really want that black with gold polka dots planner, it looks so cute ! ♥

  2. TK Maxx is fab for bargains, I recently found some lovely notebooks as well as some Neom candles!

  3. I haven't been to TK Maxx for years but I keep hearing people find such bargains in there. I need to have a look around there myself

    Lauren x |

  4. I love TK Maxx for home or beauty items! I much prefer to shop on their website, I can't cope with how messy the shop is, haha!

  5. These are all very cute!!


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