Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Something New | #Blogtober

sometimes i need a change, something new. after years and years of bleaching the ends of my hair in order to have blond ombré hair when my natural hair was actually quite a dark brown started to become a bit too much. my hair looked so brassy lately and i really wasn't feeling it anymore. i also missed my fringe a lot as i always felt like it suited me quite well. so today i decided to bite the bullet and go back to dark brown hair over all, one solid color and some finge action and i absolutely love it. i think its nice to go a bit darker when its cold outside and i'm super happy with the way it looks and feels. its so nice to finally rock my natural hair color. what do you think about going back to being a full brunette? this post is really short today, i know, but for some reason my throat feels awful and i basically have no voice anymore and i still went to class and now i feel rather shitty. so i hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow. hope you're doing well.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous

    Lauren x |

  2. Looks gorgeous... we always want the opposite of what we have. This colour really suits you, and so it should!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  3. Love this eye makeup !! so pretty be sure to check out my blog too <3


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