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some people might find it crazy so spend a lot of money on make up, but for me its a treat, a present to myself, something luxurious i can afford. i just love doing my make up, its my zen moment in the morning and my creativity and even though there might be some people out there shaking their heads but all the lovely fellow beauty bloggers will understand what i adore about nice packaging, coverage, finish and something that helps to support my facial features. i’m a girls girl and love to glam myself up. in todayy post i’m gonna share some of my favorite high end make up bits, the ones i cherish every day and that fill my heart with joy whenever i can use them which almost justifies breaking my bank.

the first one has been my favorite for years and the first foundation that made me stare into the mirror as i couldn’t believe what it did. is the all so famous nars sheer glow in mont blanc. the finish is insane, its so glowy and dewy with perfect coverage and it literally makes me look like i had the most relaxing sleep and holiday on bora bora all in one when i reality i slept only 5 hours after working or studying all day. if theres one high end foundation i could recommend, it would be this one.
as you can probably tell by my love for sheer glow, i love a dewy finish. however most powders make look cake faced and odd. until i finally got the hourglass ambient lightning powder in diffused light. its the most lovely soft powder which makes my face look airbrushes and just so lovely. it sets the make up without making it look weird or dead. its literally worth the rather expensive price tag.

when i entered selfridges on oxford street the first time, it was like entering heaven and when i saw the charlotte tilbury counter i wanted to stay for ever and one of everything for sure. that day, i bought the filmstar bronze & glow and with it, my contouring and highlighting game changed forever. the bronzer is such a lovely warm shade and blended onto the skin it looks like you’ve been sunbathing and got such a warm tan but without making it look fake, its the most beautiful thing ever and don’t get me started on the highlighter. candle lit glow without glitter and just ties a lovely look together.
as much as i love taking time on my eye make up, sometimes it has to be done quickly and without any fuss. the by terry ombré black star in misty rock is perfect for that. the color is a taupey bronzey purple shade and looks different and soo good on everyone. its smooth and richly pigmented and can be built from a slight wash of color to a full on eye look and it stays put throughout the entire day without moving. its just the best. 
have you tried any of my high end favorites and which are yours? let me know.

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