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believe it or not, usually don’t really take a lot of beauty products with me but there are some staples and just can’t leave behind. lately i’ve been going to the gym about 3 times a week and i need to take some thing with me in order to make me look like a human being. as normally either go super early in the morning or at night so i really don’t care about my make up at all. to save my hair and mainly to get it out of the way as it just is super long i always take a plenty of hair ties with me. i always manage to lose them and my gym bag is quite huge so i want to be able to have one at any time. they are seriously a staple for me. to make sure my hair doesn’t look too bad after working out i always take my colab dry shampoo with the floral scent with me. i raved about this one so many times and its the best one out there. it doesn’t leave a white film on the hair, adds volume and makes my hair feel fresh and clean. i just love it so much. the next one really is a given. deodorant. i use the rexona cotton dry one. its a stick as spray ones really irritate my skin to the max and this one doesn’t have a scent but its gentle and keeps my sweat free. i think i don’t sweat a lot as it is but this one is just really good. i also always take hand sanitizer basically everywhere but i like using it right when i get to the gym as i always go there by bus and busses aren’t a really clean place. what are your beauty essentials when you to go the gym. would love to know.


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