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i don’t know why but my skincare always runs out at the same time. right now i don’t have any moisturizer but luckily i got a back up of my favorite cleanser. since i’m still on he hunt for my perfect moisturizer and i always try to perfect my skincare even more, i love to try new things every now and then. as i was running a lot of errand today i decided to pop into a beauty department store and get myself some items to make my skin feel better. my skin isn’t really spotty or oily. its rather dry and needs a lot of care but i also need to tone and exfoliate it on a regular basis as ist texture gets quite weird and if i don’t take good care of it, it looks dull very easily. so today i’m gonna show you what i picked up and if you want me to, i could do a more detailed review in the future.

the first thing i got is the clarins gentle exfoliating toner. i wanted to try an exfoliating toner for ages now. they seem like such a good step to perfect the skin as it basically eliminates dead skin cells and impurities in just one step. it contains glycolic and salicylic acid which are known to clear out the skin in one step and get rid of dead cells which then leads to a more glowing and bright complexion and that is right up my street. some of you skincare experts probably know exactly what those acids do but i only know that this one works very good on a lot of people. its meant to be a gentle exfoliator and should only be used once or twice a week. since i never used any kind of exfoliating toner, i’m very excited to see how and if this one changes my skin.

when it comes to moisturizer i need something really rich that will keep my skin hydrated for the entire day. especially when its getting colder outside i tend to get some dry spots when i don’t moisturize enough. i heard a lot of clinique as a skincare brand and a lot of bloggers seem to love it. people with dry skin often rave about the dramatically different moisturizing cream. i got the 30ml tub. it claims to moisturize for 24 hours and even have strengthening ingredients. its perfume free which is not a must for me but i always feel like perfume free products agree with most skin types. it has a very weird yellow color and feels so rich and very soft on the skin. it sinks in very quickly but i’m still able to feel it if that makes any sense. i feel like this could really be a great moisturizer for my dry skin. have you tried any of the products above and if, let me know.

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