Monthly Round Up | #Blogtober

only one day of october is left, only one day of blogtober is left and i have to say. i’m quite proud of myself. blogging everyday is a challenge, its hard. i found myself rushing home after uni to tip up a blog post. as much as i tried planning ahead, sometimes i just couldn’t but i must say, i enjoyed every second of it. doing something you love every day is the best feeling in the world and it really made me want to post more in a week. i know that blogging about make up, lipsticks i like, things i bought, my outfits or anything of that sort is nothing that is really needed, it doesn’t change the world, i don’t make a point but i like what i write about, i like making myself feel beautiful with make up items i bought, i like arranging them to take pictures and i love writing about them. sometimes life isn’t about always making a point, its about making yourself happy with what makes you happy.

Hello Lovely!

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