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if you would have asked me about lip liners a year ago i probably wouldn’t have anything to say. i used them with red lips only and never really got them and had about two in my collection but ever since the whole kylie jenner lip thing was a trend even though her lips look ridiculous to me right now a lot more people talked about them and even i wanted to try some for myself. now, almost a year later my collection has grown and i have fallen in love with a few and surprisingly all of them are on the nude side of things and i honestly can hardly go a day without them. they have become such a staple in my routine that i decided to show you my favorites.

i know i featured this one in a recent post only about charlotte tilbury make up but this one just has to be one of my favorites. its the charlotte tilbury lip cheat in pillow talk. its the most beautiful nude with a slight hint of brown but not too dark and too 90s. it goes on like an absolute dream. just creamy enough to make it easy to apply and its stays on like a trooper. it doesn’t move anywhere and just makes the lips look more defined and its a color and most certainly goes with any skin color and any make up. its on the higher end of the price scale but its worth every penny. a lot of bloggers seem to like this one and rightly so, its beautiful.

next up is the only drugstore product in this post. its the rimmel lip liner in east end snob. its a very richly pigmented and super creamy rosey nude. its way more pink toned and goes super well with a natural day to day look and is has to be the best drugstore lip liner i’ve ever tried. it evens out the lips in such a beautiful way and doesn’t kling to dry spots in the slightest. plus, the staying power is unreal. i put it on in the morning and its still there after eating, drinking and being out for hours. if you are on the hunt for a nude lip liner that will go with most nude lipsticks and is great quality i would highly suggest this one. i also love the tube packaging. you don’t have to sharpen it which is perfect for on the go use.

a true bloggers favorite is the mac lip liner in soar. now mach lip liners are not as creamy but very pointy and perfect to actually perfect the outline of your lips. the staying power is amazing and don’t get me started on the color selection. mac soar might be one of my favorites from mac. its a nude with plum hints and fits perfectly with a bunch of macs classic nudes. i wear it my beloved brave and it works amazingly. it can be a bit too much with very fair skin but worth a try. i also love it on its own and because its not as creamy it lasts for absolute ages which is a plus when it comes to value for money. to me its just an absolute winner.

last but most certainly not least is probably the lip liner of the year because of kylie jenner. its mac whirl. a true brown nude. its quite dark and something i had to get used to but it makes me make up instantly look some sort of sexy and i adore it. it was quite a hustle to get my hands on it and i actually found it at zurich airport and had to grab it. its very nice to pull off on its on. however i prefer it with something smoother on top like a nude gloss because its oddly bold for a nude but i love it anyway. have you tried any of the above and what are your favorites?

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