Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Hello Autumn

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i have to say i'm very happy to live in a country with changing seasons and autumn or fall has to be one of my favorites. as much as i like summer, it just gets very humid and sticky outside and i just prefer the colors, the climate and last but not least, the fashion. autumns has always been something i was looking forward too and i'm so happy to see the leaves change in color outside my window. as many vloggers do vlogtober i decided to jump on the wagon and would do a little "hello autumn" series on my channel as well as blogtober on my blog which means lots of autumn themed videos and daily posts right here. i'm a bit scared as i never tried blogging daily but oh well. hope this will turn out just fine and i can't wait to dedicate a lot of my time to my online space and i hope you'll enjoy it too. if you have any requests for videos or blog posts, please let me know.



  1. I love Autumn too, it's just so cosy and the fashion is great! I love layering! Looking forward to the Autumn series :) x
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  2. funny post and sweet..:)

  3. i am so excited about autumn too!! can't wait to read all your posts - hope i'll get some inspiration from them too (: good luck daily blogging!!

    Natalie / Salt & Sail


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