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Halloween Inspiration | #Blogtober

the end of october is coming closer which means halloween is right around the corner. personally i don't really go all out when it comes to decorating my apartment for halloween, mainly because my apartment has been under construction for ages now and i only like to display pumpkin lanterns which i can't as i don't have a balcony at the moment. i still really enjoy seeing cute pumpkin lanterns everywhere else around. when it comes to actually dressing up i get really into halloween and all the cool tutorials that are done on youtube. because getting a real crazy and good costume can get pretty pricey as you can really only wear it once a year, i like to work with a lot of face paint and a wig maybe. i actually just ordered myself my halloween costume for only 25€ on amazon as i only needed a wig and some face paint, wait until i do a get ready with me video to see it. so in today post i'm gonna show you two of my favorite halloween looks which are only done with face paint as i think that it is the most affordable way to get dressed up on halloween.

so i'm quite into skull make ups and i actually love doing half of my face as a skull and leave the other side as i normally would and i really like the effect that it gives and face paint is basically available everywhere around this time and i think a simple black outfit plus some cool face paint and you're basically good to go. there are plenty of awesome tutorials on youtube which show you exactly how to do it and i like to follow those tutorials when it comes to halloween. they literally go from simple face paint to special effect make up which i find to cool and i can't beliebe that there are so many talented people out there. i actually always get ready with my best friends to then go to our favorite bar/restaurant. theres a halloween party every year and its so much fun but even if you don't like to party, just get a few treats with your friends and stay and watch scary films. what are you planning for halloween and do you have any ideas for your costume?

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  1. I wish I was talented enough to do designs like that for halloween. I haven't decided my outfit as of yet but I will definitely be dressing up as I love Halloween

    Lauren x |

  2. These are amazing! I definitely don't go out on halloween, I live in Philadelphia and it can be a bit sketchy but I love to see the art that other people do!


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