Friday | #Blogtober

happy friday everyone. i hope you survived your day at work/school/uni. when i walked into work this morning i was greeted by a desk full of stuff to do but in the end i was able to leave on time and since i stayed up very late the past night due to work and uni stuff, i am tired and done with my life. so because i was at the office all day, i decides to show you some pictures my boyfriend took while shooting my autumn lookbook and i just love the setting. as i mentioned before, being surrounded by nature calms me down so much and i get so inspired by it. thats why i dragged myself out today to go on a walk with my boyfriend at it was just what i needed. i came up with the best video idea i ever had and i don’t think anyone has done something like it before. i hope you’ll enjoy it if i ever get it done. hope you have a lovely friday.

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