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Essie Fall | #Blogtober

for the longest time, i hated my nails and everything about nails. i didn't enjoy painting them as they were brittle and would chip easily which was mainly because i worked in retail for about four years and opening tons of boxes daily, sorting out clothes and mixing smoothies and juices, i worked in various jobs by the way, my nails never really grew. about a year ago, i decided enough was enough and i got gel nails and still maintain them to this day. color and quality wise essie nail polishes have always been my favorite. their color selection is insane and i love how opaque they are. on me the last for ages and i always look out for new colors i want in my collection so when the fall collection landed on the shelves, i knew i needed myself some new ones.

the first color that caught my eye is leggy legend. its basically a coppery bronze shade. i live copper so i had to, right? it has a true chrome finish with teeny, tiny red glitters and a really warm shimmer. it goes on completely opaque by one coat and it looks almost like putting a metal chromy foil on the nails. i love it and because its such a warm color, i think its perfect for fall. i put it on on monday and it hasn't faded at all. gel nails don't really chip so i don't know about that but it still looks i just put it on and i feel like it could be a really nice shade for the upcoming festive season.
the other one is kinda similar in the fact that it is has an metallic finish and looks really chrome like. but it is a navy blue with a green and yellow shimmer. i have to think of mermaid when i look at it and its called bell-bottom blues. its so super cute and also goes on so nicely. its beautiful and also really perfect for the colder months.
have you tried some of the new essie shades and do you like them? if you have any questions for me for an upcoming q&a please leave them down below.


  1. They look lovely! What do you mean by gel nails? Like shellac?xxx

  2. They look lovely! What do you mean by gel nails? Like shellac?xxx

    1. its not shellac. its more like acrylic nails but made of a gel which makes them last longer and your nails are harder and can be shaped in which ever shade you want. i chose gel over acrylic as they last a fair amount longer. i wouldn't say they are good for your natural nails but as long as you go to a good salon they will make sure your natural nails are healthy.

  3. the copper shade is beautiful, i would definitely buy it if i wasn't on a spending ban!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

  4. Both of these shades are so beautiful, especially the copper one! Thank you for always commenting on my posts, it means everything! I really should comment on your posts more often, they're so well written and your blog design and photography is so pretty!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  5. I love the look of leggy legend! Perfect autumn shade

    Lauren x |

  6. That gold/copper shade is making me want to my local drugstore right now and buy it, it looks amazing!
    Nice psot. Have an amazing day xx

  7. Oh wow I need that copper shade! It looks perfect for Autumnal months x

  8. Beautiful colours, the copper one looks like one from an old OPI collection called Rising Star :)
    xxx Claire


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