Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Drugstore Make Up for Autumn | #Blogtober

since autumn is here i think its safe to say that its about time to whip out the dark lipsticks again. i know that not everyone likes to spend their coins on high end make up and rightly so as there are so many good products in the drugstore. for me, german drugstores don't really do it. i find them messy and they just don't stock the good drugstore brands so i always to ham in the uk ones as they are just heaven on earth. so i created a easy to do drugstore look with a berry red lip and a mauvey eye look as made a little video out of it for you to enjoy. i hope you enjoy watching it, i really like how it came out and i love doing tutorials so let me know what you think.



  1. The CC cream sounds so good! The final autumn look is great!

    Lauren x |

  2. Great video and so nice look of your website, i love it <3

  3. wow! amazing blog post ! had a good read :) I just love blog like this !!! thanks for sharing keep up the good work

    come say hi



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