Autumnal Nails | #Blogtober

when it comes to nail polish and painting my nails, i probably like every single color. from brights to darks to pastels, i like them all- thats probably why my collection is huge. personally i like to switch my nail colors up when the season change and when it comes to autumn i just love choosing a bit darker and warm toned colors. the reds, the browns and even some golds. as you all probably know, i love essie as a brand and i actually only own essie nail polishes so in todays post i want to show you my favorite essie nail polishes for fall.
the newest one to my collection is a very warm toned, almost bronze gold. its called leggy legend and its so beautiful and shimmery. it almost looks like a foil on the nails and its beautiful. in terms of metallics i also love a much lighter almost rose gold kind of gold. its buy me a cameo and it way more neutral and is not an in your face color but looks so beautiful on and it stays on for ages and is very opaque. one cold classic for the autumn time is sole mate. its a very deep dark purple toned red. its so shiny and beautiful on and always makes me feel so autumnal and all cosy inside. i know i’m weird but a simple nail polish can really make me feel good. its the little things…
one of my all time favorite nail polishes from essie all year round but especially in the fall time is angora cardi. i can not really describe the color but its like a light reddish brown. its looks so sophisticated and always lovely. the last but not least is another quite neutral color. its a greyish brown and its chinchilly. very beautiful on its one and again is not an in your face color which like. 
have you tried any of those colors and what are your favorited for fall. i’d love to know.

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