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i like color variety, i get inspired by many make up or beauty products at once and to say the least i’m a palettes girl. for some reason i love to take them places as i never lose them anywhere. when it comes to blushes i never felt like spending an awful lot of money on them as i like to have a bug variety in color and finish and there are such great products in the drugstore. when i went to england in the summer, i was in the hunt for some make up revolution bits. their products are super affordable and they do quite a few dupes to high end palettes such as the urban decay naked ones but when i saw the blush palettes i knew i needed them in my life and i went ahead and bought three of them for around 5 pounds each. bargain.

the first one i got is the golden sugar blush palette. all the blush palettes come in a hard case with a huge mirror and eight blush pans. this one is more of a highlighter and bronzer palette and they are beyond pigmented and so shimmery but not to the point where they appear glittery and patchy. a little bit goes a long way and i like to gently dust them over the bridge of my nose of my cheek bones and they look insanely pretty. the golden one is a bit to dark for me but if you have darker skin, i bet it would look beautiful. as the whole strobing trend is going strong at the moment this is such a good piece to have as its so cheap but great value for money.

the next one i got is the hot spice palette which i probably used the most. it comes with more peachy, mauvey and bronzey shades and i absolutely love them. i find blushes with peach undertones make you look a lot more awake and younger and they are perfect for a day to day look and i have to say, i used every single shade multiple times. again, they are highly pigmented but easy to work with so i don’t end up with a blop of blush on my cheeks that i can’t blend out. of all the palettes i bough i think i would recommend this one the most. such beautiful shades of blush and they literally go with everything, especially with bright lips and i love my red lips on a day to day basis.

for me, pink blushes are a safe thing. as long as you’re light handed with them they always look cute and especially when the colder months are around i love to dip my brush into pink or even darker blushes. this is the sugar and spice palette which comes with a lot of pinky toned blushes and a few bronzey ones which is basically everything i need in my life. i also love the more glowy pink blush. it looks so nice and really makes you look so radiant. again, highly pigmented. i feel like this one is a good palette for make up beginners as it has bronzers, nice blushes and even a highlighter and i love it.
have you tried the make up revolution blush palettes before and do you like them? i would love to know.

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