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i am a lipstick lover and if you have been around for a while, you will know that. to me, lipsticks just change your make up instantly and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on make up, getting a few different lipstick shades is the right way to go to change your outlook up every now and then. when it comes to high end lipsticks, mac ones are always talked about. they come in all colors and finishes, so you will probably find something that you like and for around 20€ you can’t go wrong. it might be a bit more expensive but not as pricey as some others. almost three years ago, i got into mac lipstick and theres something so good about getting a new mac lipstick and using it for the first time. they are treats to me and i used every one i had so many times. their lasting power is insane and even though i got a lot of different finishes, i love every single one. lately i haven’t bought a new one but i have a wish list on my phone and i will get a few new ones any time soon. my mac lipstick in impassioned is not featured in here because i couldn’t find it. sadly…

lets start off with some day time nudes. the first one is coral bliss. a lipstick i bought for my prom and it is beautiful. a really creamy and shiny peachy nude. its a creme sheen finish so its not as pigmented but gives a beautiful wash of color. to me its a perfect summer shade, it looks so good with some bronzy eye shadow and warms up the complexion in such a lovely way. the next nude is basically a true pinky nude. its creme cup which to me is a nude that suits most people really well. its really creamy and easy to wear with any make up and  one i got a lot of use out of.

these are probably my most used lipsticks ever. first one is the sad rest of brave. this is my go to nude. its more of a dark and rose tones nude and looks just awesome every day and i need a back up in my life. i don’t know if its sad to be proud to finish an actual lipstick but i did it, almost at least. i love a classic matte red lip. it always looks so chic and is something i just feel a bit more glam with. my favorite lipstick to create a perfect red lip is russian red. a cool tones red and an absolute mac classic. it makes my teeth look so white which is a plus and it stays one for days but doesn’t cling to dry patches which makes it even better.

some more red are first off all the perfect dark red. such a nice autumnal color and it is diva. a classic, again. its very, veeeeery pigmented and really matte and looks really vampy but with a simple eye make up it just has something so special to it. i find this one looks best with really moisturized lips as it can cling to dry patches but other than that its just beautiful. the next red is out of a limited edition and the packaging is just out of this world. its out of rhiannas mac collection and it more of a light cherry red with golden undertones. way more casual than russian red and easier to pull off and it was a total impulse buy but its one of my favorites.

onto some really bright colors. first one is candy yum yum. a in your face cool toned and bright pink. on top of it is matte too. if you are brave and love to rock a bright lip, this is the one. i wear it with a really minimal make up on special occasions and it looks so lovely and something that i also bought on a whim as it just looks so lovely and i haven’t looked back since. my first ever mac lipstick was so chaude and it still is one of my favorites. its a warm orangey red and looks so cool on. i would want to wear it every day and its one of my most loved lip colors ever.
so here it is, my mac lipstick collection.its not the biggest but i love my mac lipstick and the collection will expand for sure. what are your favorite mac lipsticks?

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