Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation First Impression & Review

i think its no surprise that i wanted the new charlotte tilbury magic foundation as soon as i saw the press party pictures. so far, i loved everything i tried from her range and if i had the chance to meet her one day, i'll probably faint but heres the struggle: i live in germany and i don't have anything like selfridges and the charlotte tilbury website itself doesn't ship to germany at all. also, the selfridges website charges 15 pounds to ship an item to germany which i find to be very pricey. but then i went on my trusty net a porter website and was able to order it and it came in the beautiful net a porter packaging 3 days later. so since i was so excited to try it out, finally, i decided it would be fun to try it with you and show you my first impression and review. hope you enjoy it.



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  2. Nice post !

  3. love the post,following you on gfc, hope for a follow back xoxo

  4. I need to try something from her range! Everything looks lovely and beautifully packaged!

  5. I've never heard of this before. I've been looking for something new to try. Thanks for sharing. :)

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