A Peek into my Apartment

last year in august, i moved into my first own place out of the comfort of a family home. i have been really lucky to have an excellent relationship with my parents and i loved living with my family but at some point, i felt like i needed to grow up even more and have my own space and after a few months i found my perfect little place. beautiful wooden floors, high ceilings and even a little balcony. as i’m very independent, i adored living on my own but loved the idea of my boyfriend moving in with me and he did. now its our little happy place and after redecorating constantly and realizing that it takes so long to make an apartment into a home, its finally becoming exactly what i want it to be. i love interior design and i wanted to share a bit of my home with you and if you want to see some room or even an apartment tour, let me know.

Hello Lovely!

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