Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

A British Summer

one thing i love about living in europe is that you are able to get on a short flight, jump in your car or take a train and you'll be in a completely different country with a complete different culture, language and currency. i've been quite lucky to have parents who took me around europe quite a lot but when it came to planning a summer holiday and england was the destination we all agreed on, i was over the moon. england is just something i feel comfortable with, i speak the language, i am interested in their way of living, not only because i mostly read uk based blogs and watch british youtuber with a passion, it was always a place i could see myself being even though i've only been there a few times, my longest stay was when i was 11. so a long time ago.
since my parents went last year, they wanted to go back to somerset and cornwall and i happily agreed. for one week we stayed in a beautiful farm house in shepton mallet and visited every place around. we went to the wells cathedral, which my mom adores, glastonbury, bath and bristol. the bristol sky was filled with hot air balloons when we went and it was magical. we also took a trip to highclere castle. my moms favorite show is downton abbey, so we had to go as well as wandering around lacock and salisbury. i loved somerset. the green, the rolling hills and beautiful cities like bath which is perfect to go shopping. 

for our second week, we figured it would be perfect to spend some time closer to the sea. i love the sea so we booked a lovely cottage close to falmouth and a five minute walk from the beach. maybe i haven't looked into cornwall enough but i couldn't believe how blue the was, how many beautiful flowers grow just at the side of the road and that there are actual palm trees in peoples back yards. i've never seen as big hydrengeas as the ones in trebag garden, only 3 minutes away from our cottage. we not only went to the beach almost every day, we also went to newquay for lunch at jamie olivers fifteen, hiked around tintagel and kept taking pictures of the beautiful water fall, had the chance to walk to st. michaels mount because the tide was so low and wandered around sennen cove until we ended up in lands end. i think i haven't enjoyed myself as much in a foreign country before. i love how polite people are, the way they talk, getting a nice cuppa every where i went and i need to go back as soon as i can. if you are from the uk, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.



  1. It looks as if you had a fab time! Your photographs are lovely :)


  2. Your photos are so beautiful! Must have been a fun time <3
    xx Ama


  3. You take the most beautiful pictures, easily the best photo's I've ever seen on any blog before! Also, I thought you were english! haha, go figure~
    Have a lovely day <3
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  4. gorgeous photos!! i was in the uk last summer and it was one of my favorite places in europe, i miss traveling around there so much! ): hoping to go back again next year if i can save up!!
    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  5. Amazing pictures!!! <3 Love your hair its perfect!!

  6. Such beautiful photos! Have to admit, I did a little squeal when I saw the Downton Abbey house as well.

  7. seems like you've had the best time! you took wonderful pictures :)

  8. I live just by Lacock, it really is a beautiful place. Take it for granted sometimes!



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