Samstag, 15. August 2015


Top: River Island | Sunglasses: River Island

i made it to cornwall. the second and last stop of my holiday in england and its beyond beautiful. we are right by the beach and also, five minutes away from trebah garden and i have to say, i've never been in such a beautiful garden. its surreal. from huge bamboo gardens, to ponds surrounded by green that looks like you are on a tropical island but the most beautiful thing is the hydrangea valley. they are one of my favorite flowers and i've never seen them growing that big and i just couldn't stop starring at them and off course i had to take thousands of pictures until my camera battery died but its just unreal and i will co back as often as i can until i have to leave on friday as the tickets are valid for a week. so if you ever going to go to the falmouth area...go to trebah. 
sadly, the internet is super slow here so i'm not quite sure how i will be able to blog but i will make it work. tomorrow i will be for lunch at fifteen in newquay and i can't wait. theres also a new video up on my channel, if you want to have a look. what are you up to?




  1. Such great pictures! Love your style!

  2. Beautiful pictures and your outfits really pretty too! :) xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  3. Beautiful photos! Loving your blog! x

    Natalia -


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