August Favorites

august is coming to an end and so is summer, hopefully. whilst i’m writing this its about 34 degrees outside and i’m melting away and can’t wait to take a cold shower. many people seem to love summer but i just can’t cope with anything over 25 degrees and i just love fall or autumn and spring. all the colors, all the layers. back to august though. i have a sweet and small selection of lovely goodies that i have been loving over the past 4 weeks and i wanted to share them with you on my channel as well as on my blog. some just prefer reading over watching and the other way around. most of the featured products were bought in england and i loved them ever since they slipped into my shopping back so lets get ready.

i am probably the biggest fan of the body shop skin care ever. its just the best value for money and my skin loves it. my favorite make up remover is the camomile cleansing oil. by far. it basically breaks down everything in the most gentle way. but when it comes to traveling with it, i wanted something that wouldn’t leak on me as the oil has done it before so i went for the camomile cleansing butter. i bought it on a whim and tried it once but when i used it england i totally got it. i rub it in between my fingers first and then put in on my whole face of make up and it breaks down everything and feels so smooth and not heavy and leaves my skin so soft but still clean. plus, the packaging allows me to take it everywhere. 

i was never really into tinted moisturizers and their hybrids as i normally go without foundation at all when i don’t want to wear any heavy coverage but this one just was on my mind ever since by biggest beauty enabler alix from icovetthee kept talking about it and i wanted it. the bare minerals complexion rescue says its a tinted hydrating gel but it has something to it that makes my complexion change to an even and beautiful tone with so much more glow. it is beyond beautiful and i can not be without it anymore. i wear it on its own or under my foundation and it changed my look on tinted moisturizers. this is just my favorite thing ever.

i love filling in my brows and i love to try lots of different products to make my brows stand out. most of the time i use a pencil to do so and after trying the soap&glory archery pencil with the felt tip end i wanted to get my hand on the newer one. its a 2-in-1 archery pencil with a brush and a super fine pencil end. basically just like the anastasia brow wiz. because the pencil end is so fine and small it makes filling in so easy as i can really control the color pay off and how much i actually want to fill in. after also trying the brow wiz i have to say i like the soap&glory one more. its just the better value for money.

for some reason i never had a holy grail mascara. i just try a lot but never found one i had to go back to. so i’m still one the hunt for the one and after so many people raved about the too faced better than sex mascara i had to get it. it has a huge hourglass shaped wand and grabs all my lashes with one go and gives them such beautiful volume and make them look so good. i love that it just stays in place and doesn’t smudge as i tend to get panda eyes easily. also, the packaging feels so nice and really heavy. its like you really get something for what you pay and i have been loving it so much.

i am an eyeshadow palette lover. i prefer them over singles or quads as i get so inspired when i look at them and i like to have good selection of shadows when i take them places. maybe i just have special connection to palettes as the urban decay naked palette was the first expensive make up item that i got. ever since i saw reviews online i wanted to try the too faced chocolate bar palette and i immediately grabbed it when i saw it in store. it is a beautiful selection of fairly neutral mattes and shimmers. all shades i’d like to wear and they smell absolutely beautiful. the quality is insane. buttery smooth, richly pigmented and so easy to work with. if you have the money to spend on a high end palette you should consider this one.

i’m very selective when it comes to scents and i only like a few. when i was in athropologie in bath i sniffed some of their scents i fell in love. its the illume tonka noir scent and i’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time. i love everything that smells of vanilla and this one does in the most beautiful way. fresh and not over powering and too sweet with a hint of woody and musky notes. its beautiful and stays on for ages. also, the bottle is beautiful and i constantly have it on display. if you ever get the chance to smell it, do so.
thats it for my august favorites. what was your favorite beauty item?


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