A Love Letter to Charlotte

when i first started this journey of blogging and youtubing and generally diving into the world of everything beauty, i had no idea of all the beautiful products and brands and my urge to own certain items that my favorite people on the internet have been talking about and basically kept talking me into them. if i’d ever do a “youtuber/blogger made me buy it” tag, i’d have to show my entire collection but i just have to say that i love spending my money on beauty items, i just love newly packaged palettes, blushes and lipsticks that have never been touched and sometimes i just fall in love with one brand of make up and everything about it. one of the brands i have a deep, deep love for is charlotte tilbury. i brand i can’t easily access which maybe makes this love extra special. before i could actually go and visit an actual charlotte tilbury counter, all my favorite beauty blogger/vlogger had been praising everything charlotte brought out, the rose gold packaging just looked so divine and whenever someone vlogged or blogged about an event of hers i just wanted to be there and try everything out myself. so it only felt right that my first purchase when i finally made it to london in january had to be at the charlotte tilbury counter in selfridges.

i pretty much knew what i wanted weeks before i boarded the plane to london but when i was in front of the counter i just couldn’t believe it. all the products i was never able to try at one point and when i was browsing through everything i started a lovely chat with a lady who seemed as obsessed with the whole charlotte tilbury brand as i still am. the only difference was that she already owned a lot of hers. the first thing i wanted to get my hands on was the filmstar bronze & glow. the most beautiful bronzer and highlighter duo i’ve ever seen. not only is it the rose gold packaging, the bronzer shade fits me perfectly and is the perfect warm and matte but super easy to work with bronze brown. it just makes me fairly pale face look like i’ve just been on a holiday as it adds on the bronze i want but never looks unnatural oder too much and i just have to swirl it all over the high points of my face every day. also, the highlighter just adds the perfect warm glow to my face. i never was as obsessed with highlighting. it is almost like life is added to my complexion and i would want to dust it all over myself. thats probably the reason why it already hit pan.

i also just got into lip liners when i made my way to london. it was a solid girls shopping trip and we only stayed for one night if you are wondering. after my favorite people on the internet, especially amelia liana, kept talking about it, i just couldn’t leave it and know more than six month later my lip cheat in pillow talk is just a tad bigger than my pinky finger. yes, i’ve used it all the time. its just such a pretty nude with hints of rose and brown tones. i wouldn’t say its my lips but better. its better lips. it makes my lips look bigger and plumped without over drawing and it beautiful on its own or underneath my favorite lipsticks. it goes on so smoothly but never smudges or moves weirdly. i’m a lip product obsessive and this is just one i can not go without anymore.
i think that whole text expresses how much i love charlotte tilbury and i just would love to own many more of her products. i would honestly love to own everything and its just a dream to go to one of her events and even meeting her but well, i girl can dream right?


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