Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Night Time Routine {Video}

its winter now and also very festive looking outside, at least where i live. those nights just call for a warm bath, comfort food and pampering the skin, so i decided to show you what i get up to after work or uni but in video form as it would be the longest post ever to show you that in a post, i've been really into youtube lately and i would love if you guys would check out my channel as it is my little baby, this blog is too off course. i'm still a newbie but of well, i'm trying. hope you enjoy it.

here is my channel ❥




  1. This is such a cute video!

    Thank you for your lovely comment! My ZARA stuff usually goes along for quite some time! I'm not sure if it's how my mum washes, just on 30 degrees celsius. If not, you should just go back to Zara if your item got damaged after wearing it just one time, so you can get your money back, because it shouldn't happen after just wearing it one time! x Laura

  2. just so you know, your videos are lovely x


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