Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Gold Tattoos

Skin Jewel Flash Tattoos via ; 29,00€

i love tattoos, i think they look beautiful and most of my friends either have some or planning on getting some. for me, as i said, i find them so pretty but just can't imagine them on me, i feel i couldn't come up with anything i would love to have on me for my whole life. so i was really happy when flash tattoos came back into style with cool designs. i think we all remember the tacky ones that were in kids magazines or cereal boxes back in the day and i loved them. recently i have been seeing a lot of cool ones in youtube videos but couldn't find them anywhere until my mom actually found them, yes my mom. she basically ordered every single design they had and they came in the mail so quickly so we had to check them out.

so they come with tons of different designs in gold and silver, some with black accents and they are so easy to put on. as back in the day, cut them out, remove the foil and pat a damp sponge over it after putting it on your skin and its there. at first i was a bit tacky looking but no, it looks so pretty and really chic and just special. they gold has such a lovely shimmer that gets really bronzy after one day. i put them on my wrists and they last soooo good. i'm so impressed. i imagine them being perfect for festivals and maybe a lovely beach holiday. they can be removed with baby oil but i honestly want them to last for ever. what do you think? 




  1. They look so lovely! I've always wanted a tattoo but I'm not sure if I want it on my skin for the rest of my life.
    Great pictures as well! XX

  2. Haha, I used to love the temporary tattoos as a kid! I'm the same as you, I love the permanent ones on other people, but with me it's just a no; the ones you got are also beautiful.

  3. I've seen this on instagram lately, they're so beautiful! I wish I'd known about them before I went to V festival. You look gorgeous in your bio photo by the way!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. Wow these look amazing! So effective :D

  5. ooooh i'm going to have to get some! they look amazing <3

  6. These are great! I, too, could never be satisfied with one tattoo for my whole life (its like being forced to wear the same shirt for eternity - UGH), but these would be so fun! Definitely want to try this :)


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