Dienstag, 30. September 2014

September Favorites

its monthly favorites time again, yaaaay. i'm so excited for fall and it makes me even more excited that we're getting closer and closer to christmas. so this month, there were only a few products that stood out for me but i wanted to share them with you anyway. its all make up but i hope you don't mind.

for my cheeks i have been loving some sleek blushes. sleek is honestly my favorite brand to get blushes from, they are so affordable and the quality is amazing, super pigmented and easy to work with. in september i've been reaching for pomegranate which is the perfect fall color in my eyes. its such a beautiful deep burgundy with gold glitters and it works as such an awesome blush, even though it is so pigmented that a little bit goes such a long way. otherwise you'll end up looking like a clown.
for a more laid back and casual look, i loved using suede which is a earth toned nude peach color and it is matte. it adds so much warmth and glow to any kind of make up and i love it.

in terms of lipstick, mac made me really happy in september. i was able to finally rock the best fall color which is diva. the perfect deep red, that isn't too vampy. its just perfect and the matte texture makes it even better. on the brighter site of colors, i've been loving my newest addition to my mac family, impassioned. such a perfect bright peachy pink. the warm tones make to wearable and the color makes me so super happy. just looking at it makes me smile.

essie bordeaux is just the perfect fall color for my nails, i love how deep the red is but shiny at the same time, just perfection and it makes the nails look so pretty and i really hate my nails with a passion, so a great plus.
as i said in one of my previous posts, i don't have that one mascara that stands out for me and that i'm going back to every single time but i have to say my new mac mascara is really, really nice. they way it makes my lashes look is just exactly what i wanted and maybe it is the one. i'll let you know.

what have been your favorites? please let me know, i'm always on the hunt for new stuff to try. love you.




  1. Lovely favourites, that Essie nailpolish looks amazing! XX


  2. MAC Diva looks gorgeous - really need to get my hands on it! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. Sleek is such good value for money! Looks like i'm going to make to pick up some more of their blushes :) x

  4. Oh my, I LOVE the blushes colors!! I usually use a peach bronzer from MAC but I'm quite tempted to get this one to see if it's better! I have that mascara aswell and eventhough it's a bit wet and takes longer to dry when you apply it, it makes your eyelash lush! Overall, I love all the colors you choose! I'm absolutely loving that neon pink lipstick too! <3

  5. I love sleek blushes too, they are amazing quality. Don't own those shades, definitely need to pick them up!

    Rebecca Coco

  6. love your faves! beautiful colors :)



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