Rose Gold Injection

i don’t know when the rose gold trend came up but it seems like everyone and their mother is loving it and i have to admit, i love it too. rose gold jewelry is just my favorite, it glams even a simple outfit up and adds such a lovely soft touch of metal color. i think rose gold has such a lovely warm tone, it really brings out the warmer undertones that are running through my skin and i feel its just a more laid back version of any metal and today i want to show you my three favorite pieces of rose gold jewelry.

my favorite piece of rose gold jewelry and probably jewelry in general is my rose gold watch from fossil. is quite a big watch and such a statement piece but i just love it so much. its adds just a little something extra to every single outfit i’m rocking. plus fossil i just not as expensive as michael kors and i find my fossil one just way more beautiful.

as far as necklaces go; i adore this beautiful piece from bikbok. it has that beautiful rose gold chain with gold spikes. the mix is just amazing to me and it goes with pretty much everything i’m wearing plus i get a lot of compliments on it which is lovely off course.

lately, i’ve been loving little dainty earrings and these little knot ones from h&m are literally tiny but so cute. they look lovely as they are really laid back. i don’t know what it is with them but they are the earring that i wear most right now and i adore them.

do you guys like rose gold and what is your favorite piece of jewelry in general. please let me know. i love you.


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