MAC in Extreme Dimension 3D Black Mascara First Impression

In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Mascara by Mac; 25€

i don’t know what it is with mascaras, i love them, i love try them but for me, there was none that really sticked out and made it a permanent in my routine. i literally always use different ones because there wasn’t one that i fell in love with and got over and over again.
so yesterday, my friend alex came over to see my new place and just chat with me for a good while. alex is as much into make up as i am, so we both enjoy mac a lot. so when she went she handed me a little mac box with a mascara in it, as a housewarming gift. she knows me well indeed. as i never tried any mac mascaras i was too excited so here we go; my first impression on the mac in extreme dimension 3d black mascara…yes it is a mouthful 

so the mascara comes in a really stylish tube with the word ‘mac’ written all over it. the wand itself it quite big but with really small and quite short bristles but tons of them. its a plastic brush which i don’t have a problem with, as i don’t prefer any type of mascara brushes. it seems like it would be really messy to apply or it would smudge easily but it just gets on such a lovely and thick coat of black on the lashes and there really is a immediate difference. it makes the lashes appear thick, black and separated and i like it. i don’t think it adds an awful lot of volume but the difference in length and thickness is juts incredible, a few coats go such a long way. so applying it is easy and super effective.

as i’m wearing it the entire day now, i have to say it i’m really, really liking it. its very light on the lashes and i don’t feel it being there, it doesn’t smudge, which is always a great plus for me. there are no clumps in my lashes and it just looks so nice on. i love how it makes my lashes look even though it could make the lashes look quite spidery pretty easily but i don’t mind that at all. i’m not quite sure if this will be the one mascara for me but i surely enjoy it and will use it again.

have you tried this or any mac mascara before and do you like it? please let me know. love you.


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