The Brow Game

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown & Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown

i have no idea when this whole brow game and bold brow thing started but i’m glad that brows are allowed in the world of beauty because lets be honest, strange skinny brows are not really pretty and i feel like brows are there for a reason. they frame the face very nicely and juts add more shape and some kind or character to the face and i have to say that i find nice done eyebrows just beautiful. for me, it took a while to find out what works with my brows because i have to say that my natural brows would grow quite bushy and my brows are very dark and thick so i have to get them done on a regular basis and i need products to shape and tame them to make them look presentable all day long. after finding these two products above i’m just happy with my brow routine and i feel like i should share my brow routine with you because it is fairly easy. i don’t shape them too much and don’t highlight them because i have no idea how to do that and i still don’t want to go crazy with them at all.

so, i need to fill my brows in very softly to just make them look even and to do so, the anastasia brow wiz in medium brown is super handy for that. i use the little brush at the end to brush through my brows and then i lightly fill them in with the actual pen. its super smooth and goes on like a dream and it matches my brows so well and i can really control which shape i want to go for. i have to say, i was a bit scared of brow pencils because i never wanted to be the weird brow girl but the anastasia one i just so easy to use and fills my brows in like a pro.
to tame them and keep them in place i use the maybelline brow gel in medium brown which is a tinted brow gel and it works wonders in keeping brows in place. when i have a lazy day i will just use this because it does add color but not too much. its perfect when you begin creating an eyebrow routine.

so thats my little and super easy eyebrow routine and i hope you enjoy it. if you have any must have brow products, please let me know what they are so i can give them a go.

i know i have been gone for far to long but i felt very uninspired about my blog, plus i’m sorting out my moving situation because i will move and i have to take finals and sit my moms dogs and house for 2 weeks because she is off to england and i can’t join because of uni. anyway, i really miss blogging and will jump back into it from now on again. i just love you so much.


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