Little Beauty Splurge

i admit it, i’m a beauty addict and my wishlist is endless, i always manage to find something i want to try, something i’ve read or heard about before but as a student with just a little part time job, i can’t just go out and buy all the beautiful products that i’ve been dreaming about. but there are these days when i just can’t hold back and i get a whole bunch of products at once. yesterday was one of those days, i have been out for a late lunch with one of my best friends which was a lovely break from studying and we decided to pop in a beauty department store because she is almost as obsessed with make up, especially mac, as i am and its just more fun to shop beauty items with someone who enjoys splurging on them as much as i do. whilst she went for a new mac mascara, lipstick and some essie nail polishes, i also went a bit mental on the mac counter but also picked up some skin care bits.

all in all, i fell a bit sorry for my bank account but you just have to treat yourself sometimes and as my budget was really tight the last months, its alright, so i picked up:

mac lipstick in brave
♥ mac lipstick in diva
♥ mac lip liner in vino
♥ kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate
♥ kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream
♥ kiehl’s ultra face cream
so, i have an endless list of mac lipsticks that i want to get and they are treats for me as i collect them and i decided to buy myself one or two each month. so i always wanted a rose tinted mauvey one, that why i went for brave and because i love my bold lips i went for the dark burgundy diva. the lovely lady from mac also recommended a lip liner to go with diva which is called vino and i can’t wait to use them together. 
i also wanted to step up my skin care game once more and went for the all so famous kiehl’s midnight recovery which everyone raves about and i just needed to jump on the band wagon. the lady that worked for kiehl’s was so lovely to give me free samples of the ultra face cream and the midnight recovery eye cream for free with the little clear make up bag which was so sweet and we had such a nice skin care chat, really lovely.
so, that was my little beauty splurge/haul and i will make sure to report back on all the items i got, have you tried any of those products? if so, please let me know what you think. love you.


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