Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Interior Inspirations

as i mentioned before, i moving into my first own place the next month which excites me so much, in fact, i just ordered a fridge for it right before i started writing this post, its all about the weird and a bit boring stuff that you need for an apartment and you just don't have. i have to say, my place is not the biggest but its super cozy and has everything i always wanted for my first apartment and i can not wait to get the keys and start decorating it and i'm even excited for all the upcomming ikea trips.

since i always liked my room at home to be nice and i'm quite into interior design, its just so much fun deciding which color theme or theme in general you want to go for with your own place and thats basically what i have been doing the past weeks. saying that, weheartit.com is probably the best website to browse for interior design inspiration and collected my favorites in this post. i just adore white as a color and it will be the main color of my place but i also like the mixture of black and white, a bit clean but also cosy and homey but lets see how the apartment turns out in the end. if you want me to do some kind of home or room tour, please let me know.
but for now i'm off to buy more boring things like pots and pans and towels and stuff that you just need in your first own house hold. love you.




  1. i love this post. good luck with moving and decorating :) i can actually see your desired style for your apartment. if you need any help, you can consult me. hihi. i'm an interior design student :D Have a blessed week and enjoy!~

    xoxo, rae

  2. This home decor is looking so cute !


  3. Wishing you the best in your new home xx


  4. Dann wünsche ich dir Viel Spaß in deiner eigenen Wohnung. Das ist aufjedenfall immer ein spannender und aufregender Schritt, der auch etwas komisch und ungewohnt ist.
    Weiß mag ich auch sehr gerne als Farbe für Möbel und alles was mädchenhaft ist. Bin schon sehr gespannt wie du dich einrichtest und fände eine Room Tour sehr interessant. Auf jedenfall schon mal viel Spaß beim stöbern im Ikea. Möbel kaufen ist immer eine tolle Sache. Zwar mega anstregend, aber auch super lustig.

  5. I want all of these!! So beautiful!

    Please check out my blog too! xo


  6. Awesome pictures <3333


  7. Those images are lovely for inspiration and of course I would like to see a house tour! I'd love to have my own place, but for now my parents give me shelter :p



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