Drugstore Lipsticks

lipsticks are my obsession and i think i can never get enough even though i have a ton of them already but i feel, i talk a lot about high end ones, especially mac. i know that not everyone wants to splurge on lipsticks or make up in general and some of you might be on a budget, so i thought i would do a post dedicated to drugstore lipsticks, showing you my favorites, to show you whats on the market and what i think is worth getting and trust me, these are some of my favorites that have been mentioned on my blog before but i feel like i have to put them into one post, so i hope you enjoy it.

my first favorites are topshop lipsticks, now theres is no actual topshop store in germany so i picked both of them up when i was in sweden and i went for the orange infrared and the peachy pink macaroon. i love them so much, they go on smooth and creamy, are richly pigmented and they last such a long time. i would honestly get lots more but no topshop near me.i feel like i really have to move to the uk. ( i actually would if i could )

also, i love the l’oréal liquid lipsticks. before using them, i was really not into lip glosses at all but they aren’t sticky or awful feeling on the lips and they add such a nice gloss to the lips which does make them look bigger and the pigmentation and lasting power is perfect. i went for the shades ruby opera and molto mauve.

i think my favorite drugstore lipsticks are the rimmel kate moss ones which again, aren’t available in germany and i have no idea why the drugstores over here suck so much. it literally makes me mad but anyway. they are awesome. i love the settle shine they are and how well the color goes on. the bold colors i went for, don’t bleed at all which is awesome. they stay on forever and i just love putting them on at any time. my favorites are the shades 01 which is a nice dupe for macs russian red, 03 which is a deep red and 29 which is a plum shade. i adore them so much.

so here are my favorite drugstore lipsticks and i hope this is helpful for everyone who want to get some lipsticks that aren’t expensive at all. have you tried any of those and what are your favorite drugstore lipsticks?


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