Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

A Skincare Holy Grail

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil; 12€

before i started blogging and getting more into beauty, i never really had a skincare routine or anything like that. i would just remove my make up with a wipe from the drugstore and use some sort of face cream which was from weleda apparently and off course, my skin was a mess. i had to deal with breakouts but at the same time really dry skin that looked really dull for some reason and i'm still in the process of building the perfect skin care routine but throughout the way, i came across the body shop skincare and i am still impressed. they have so many ranges for any skin type and the prices are super nice plus i actually shop at a body shop outlet which makes it even cheaper and so i cam across a beautiful product which is my holy grail by now and i can't go a day without it, its just too good and it is the camomile silky cleansing oil.

its basically an oil that breaks down all of the make up that you have on your face in the most gentle way and it gets rid of every single make up bit. its amazing. my skin would feel really dry and weird whenever i used make up wiped because they would just dry out my skin so much and i can not handle that oily make up remover because its burns my eyes so badly and i know that this make up remover is oil too, it just works without doing anything wrong with me. basically i just pump about two pumps into my hand, rub my hands to warm it up and then i massage it onto my skin and gently massage it on my eye area and it takes off everything and breaks down all the make up, even water proof one. i use just a plain cloth to take the oil and all the dirt of and then cleanse my skin.

my skin has improved to much with this little helper. its not as dry anymore and it takes off all the make up. i can't live with it anymore and if you are looking for a good make up remover, please check this one out. you won't be disappointed, i swear.




  1. This seems like such a lovely product!
    I'm deffo going to have to try and get my hands on it! <3

  2. I will try that!

  3. Looks so nice !


  4. oh stuff from The Body Shop is the best, I love their products so much!

  5. I love the body shop! Thanks for this lovely post

  6. Great review, I've heard so much about this product & definitely need to try it! :)

    Style Sunrise


  7. that sounds like the exact right thing that i need right now :) thanks for sharing

  8. I've seen so many people rave about this product, I adore The Body Shop and once I've finished my current cleansers, this will be a serious contender to be my new cleanser! xxx

  9. Oooh , Think I might have to try some!


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