Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

{Video} June Favorites

before i talk about my newest video i want to point out that i am the worst blogger ever at the minute and it makes me so sad. finals are coming up and i'm already panicking about that because its just so stressful to me, i also found a new job and now sunday is my only day off really. on a more brighter note, i finally found the perfect apartment for me to live in and i will move out in august which excites me so much. it will be the perfect place for me and my mom and i are about to go crazy at if you want to see a home haul, please let me know. i have tons of stuff to show you. i hope i will have time to shot a couple blog posts this week because i really need blogging in my life. i'm sorry for being not on the blog but i managed to film my june favorites ready for you to watch. i hope you enjoy it. i just love you.



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all your lovely comments really make my day. i may not reply to everyone but trust me, my heart is filled with joy whenever someone of you is writing me.
feel hugged. ♥

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