Summer Hair Essentials

the sun finally made an appearance and as i’m writing this its about 33 degrees outside and i’m super sweaty but i still enjoy the warm weather at the moment as i don’t know how long it will last. because summer is here now, i decided to start a little series on my blog where i just show you what my summer essentials are. today i’m gonna start off with my summer hair essentials which aren’t as many but still products and things i can’t live without in the hotter months.

so first off all, i have a serious obsession with floral crowns and headband, i just can’t get enough of them and i feel like summer is the perfect season to pull them out and rock them as they look super cute. i also like to use them to get my fringe out of my face as it gets super annoying when it is as hot as it is today. my hair is also pretty long and sometimes it just gets too hot with long hair and i have to have a hair tie with me to get it out of my face. i like cute bow ones but regular ones work too, they just don’t look as cute.

my hair gets super tangly, especially when its wet because i dipped in the pool or went for a swim in the lake nearby. so i just need my tangle teezer all day. it just makes my hair smooth again without hurting me and its just a life saver. i also like to add a bit more volume to my hair and a teasing brush is the perfect way to do that. mine is from primark and just gets the job done. i love it.

in terms of actual products i just adore my tony&guy sea salt spray. it just adds the perfect beachy look and it is super easy to use. i just spray it in and scrunch it in and my hair looks good. i just use it every single day in the summer. also, i feel like i have to add a lot more moisture into my hair in the summer time as the sun dries it out a lot, especially with my bleached ends. so hair masks are a must and my fave is the l’oréal ever riche hair mask. it smells so lovely and makes my hair so soft and pretty after a long day in the sun.

so thats basically it. whats your summer essentials? please let me know and i love you.


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