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its safe to say that sephora is probably my favorite shop when it comes to beauty stores. i just love browsing around in it and trying all the products that catch my eye. the customer service is amazing and i always walked out with a big bag, a huge smile and a suffering bank account. sadly, theres no sephora in germany, i can only go nuts in it when i’m in the us but my last visit was almost two years ago, so sad. a lovely friend of mine spend a few days in barcelona and she asked me if i wanted some stuff from sephora because apparently there is one. off course, i wanted some stuff, not needed but wanted and she was so kind to get me two products that i wanted to get my hands on again.

i just love urban decay as a brand and i ran out of two of my favorite ud products a while back and never managed to order them from somewhere and when my friend asked me which products i want these were the first ones that came to my mind.
first thing is the urban decay all nighter setting spray. this is basically like make up glue in a container if that makes any sense. i just spray it on my face when i’m done with my make up and it sets it in place and it basically “glues” it in place so it stays put throughout the entire day which means when i come home from a long day at uni my make up just looks the same like in the morning. it also makes my make up stay on when i’m on a night out dancing. i just love it.
i also wanted to get my hands on my favorite eye primer again. its the urban decay primer potion in eden. its the perfect primer, it slightly covers up the redness on my eye lids and gets them ready for eye shadow. any eye shadow just looks better on this primer and stays in place all day long. i just can’t get enough of it. i also put it under my eyes to prevent my concealer from creasing which sounds weird but it works.

have your tried these two products and if so, do you love them as much as i do? i hope you enjoyed my little sephora goodies and to all of you who can go to a sephora whenever they want to, i’m jealous but i still love you.


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